The Mission of Nfluence is to bring Grace to the World ® 


The story of Nfluence began in a small town in northwest Ohio where former Bible college professor, Louie Weber, had been born and raised.

After having spent several years as a bible college professor teaching and training up students to become ministers, many of Weber’s students would confide in him that within a few short years of becoming pastors, they had become disenfranchised with “full-time ministry,” and were ready to leave their life’s calling.

As a result, Louie came to the conclusion that perhaps traditional bible college was not equipping these young students to be successful in real world applications of their faith. This realization led Weber to ask the question, “What if ministers were trained in ministry the way the early disciples trained its pastors – within the context of the local church?”
The answer to that question led Pastor Louie to resign from his position at (formerly named) Kentucky Christian College, and move to his hometown of Wauseon, Ohio, to plant a church and develop an in-house ministry training school in the late 1990s.

After much prayer and deliberation, the church that met in Pastor Louie’s basement named their church “Oasis,” and began their first meeting at the Wauseon High School gymnasium in the spring of 1995.

In 2001 Pastors Lucas and Krissy met Pastor Weber at a CIY (Christ In Youth) Conference in Adrian, Michigan, where Weber was the keynote speaker.

It was there that Pastors Lucas and Krissy confided in Pastor Weber that they were considering leaving their church in Granger, because they had started asking questions about the role and presence of the Holy Spirit in the modern church, (an unwelcomed question to ask in an evangelical denominational church.) Pastor Weber invited them to visit his church in northwest Ohio later that summer, and to attend their church’s annual “Encounter” worship conference.

After that brief “Encounter” weekend Pastors Lucas and Krissy knew God was leading them to be part of the Oasis Church and in 2002 they moved to Wauseon, Ohio to begin attending the Oasis Christian Fellowship Church and Ministry Training School established by Pastor Weber.

It was at Oasis where Pastors Lucas and Krissy met Pastors Jerry and Jill of Archbold, Ohio, and teachers at the Ministry Training School. Unknown to Lucas and Krissy at the time, Pastor Jerry had been connected to Andrew Wommack Ministries for close to 20 years through his teaching tapes and radio ministry, and been radically changed himself by the grace message.

Lucas would spend time working on Jerr’s lake cabin alongside him, while being discipled in the gospel of Grace.

Toward the conclusion of Ministry Training School, students were encouraged to seek the Lord regarding their next steps in ministry. After receiving a prompting by the Holy Spirit to read a passage in Ezekiel chapter 3, Pastors Lucas and Krissy received confirmation that God was sending them “home” to plant an “Oasis” Church in Granger, Indiana.

Pastors Lucas and Krissy held their first church meeting in Michiana in October 2004, and by spring of 2005 they launched first Sunday morning service on Easter Sunday.

During the early years of the Oasis Granger church plant, Pastor Lucas continued to be deeply involved with ministry of the “Oasis Network of Churches,” a church-planting arm of the Oasis Church’s main campus in Wauseon, Ohio.

Pastor Lucas traveled frequently and extensively to Mexico and Kenya on behalf of The Oasis Network, preaching the message of grace to hundreds of pastors. It was during one of these trips that Pastor Lucas received a vision in a dream that he would one day oversee The Oasis Network.

In 2007 in a surprise move prompted by the Holy Spirit, Pastor Louie asked Pastor Lucas to become his successor as the President of the “Oasis Network of Churches,” and resigned his duties. Soon after, Pastor Lucas moved the Oasis Network headquarters from Northwest Ohio to Granger, Indiana.

For several years Pastors Lucas and Krissy continued to both pastor the local Oasis Church in Granger, and simultaneously lead trips and expand the Gospel around the globe within the broader scope of “The Oasis Network.”
In 2015 the Lord gave the pastors a plan to combine the local church and the network ministry into one cohesive ministry whose focus was (and still is) on bringing the Gospel of grace to the world.

The subsequent merger of the “Oasis Granger Church,” and “The Oasis Network of Churches,” brought various aspects of the ministry Pastor Weber began in the 1990s (i.e., local church expression, media and resource production, church planting, and missions) under one umbrella, now referred to as, “The Nfluence Network.”


• We believe in one God, who exists in three persons – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

• We believe that the Bible is God’s Word. It is inspired and accurate. It is our perfect guide in all matters of life.

• We believe that sin has separated humankind from God, and that only through Jesus can we be reconciled to God.

• We believe that Jesus Christ is both God and Man. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary. He led a sinless life, took all our sins upon Himself, died and rose again. Today, He is seated at the right hand of the Father as our High Priest and mediator of The New Covenant.

• We believe that salvation is the gift of God to man. This gift is made effectual by grace (God’s work) through faith (our receipt of God’s work) in Jesus Christ.

• We believe that water baptism is an outward act that demonstrates a believer’s identification with the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.

• We believe that communion is a celebration of Jesus’ death (not a remembrance of our own sins,) and causes us to reflect on His entire saving work from the cross to the throne.

• We believe God’s nature is good. He never brings harm to His children in order to “teach them a lesson,” or “to bring glory” to Himself. He wants to transform, heal and prosper us, so that we can live blessed and victorious lives that will impact and help others.

• We believe in the Holy Spirit, and that the gifts He gives, (including healing, speaking in tongues, prophecy, etc.) are available today to any believer through the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

• We believe that we are called to preach the Gospel of grace to all nations, making disciples and teaching people how to obey everything that Jesus taught.

• We believe that grace is an empowerment to live holy and is therefore never a “license to sin,” rather grace produces works pleasing to God.

• We believe that our Lord Jesus Christ is coming back again just as He promised.


The Mission of Nfluence is to bring Grace to the World ®,

In other words, we believe that we are called to bring the Gospel of the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ back into the mainstream culture of our society. We will do this in three ways:

By sharing the uncompromising message of the Gospel, (that is, God is no longer
counting men’s sins against them), we will proclaim that the Gospel of Jesus is
not religious. (2 Corinthians 5:19)
By assisting others in knowing (practically through experience) God’s love that
surpasses all understanding, we will demonstrate that God is good all the time,
and his love is real. (Ephesians 3:19).

By showing believers how to activate the power of the Gospel in their lives, we will
equip all believers in the Body of Christ to share in the ministry of reconciliation.
(2 Corinthians 5:18).


• Nfluence Church is a place where grace “works.” Lives are transformed, people find freedom, get healed, receive vision and ignite passion. Our people are prospering, and developing. Our people experience grace – the power to change.

• Nfluence Church has a dynamic staff of competent and innovative individuals, strong leaders, united in a common goal, capable of inspiring, pastoring, and caring for the people and the needs of the ministry. The staff are friends.

• Nfluence Church has a pastoral (or shepherding) team which focuses on caring for the needs of the body, i.e. the people. Our pastoral team meets with them, walks with them, and disciples them. (Our pastoral team is made up of paid and unpaid staff.)

• Nfluence Church has a dynamic teaching team. Pastor Lucas does the majority of the teaching, but when he is not available, we have excellent teachers from within the ministry who are available to step up in his absence.

• Nfluence Church has a functional, modern, and aesthetically pleasing building/meeting space. Although God looks at the heart, man looks at the appearance. Therefore, the space is not so plush that it brings criticism, but it’s comfortable and nice for those who come. Our building has an outside appearance that would cause someone to desire to bring a friend, because they are proud of our facility and proud to show people around.

• We’re not partial to a store front vs. having our own stand-alone property, but long term, whatever it is, we will own our property outright. Our meeting space is easily accessible to the community, has plenty of parking, and is attractive. It’s warm, modern, inviting, and cool. People want to hang out there and be there. It’s the kind of place you’d like to drink coffee at and sit and talk with a friend.

• Nfluence Church is a caring, Word-filled, Spirit-led, and life-giving church body – generous with its time, gifts, and talents. People in the body are in relationship with one another and know each other intimately. Obviously, as we grow there will be pockets of people who make up the entirety of the church, but overall, there will be a sense of belonging and pride associated with being part of Nfluence Church, while still maintaining a sense of welcoming to those who are new. There is not an “us” vs. “them” mentality, but people see everyone as “belonging.”

• Nfluence Church is active in various ministries designed to bless the community. Food pantry and service-oriented ministries come to mind. Beyond the church sponsored outreaches, the people through grace are also coming up with their own ways to bless those around them – namely, they are BEING the church in their communities.

• Nfluence Church has incredible worship. People come just to hear the music and sing songs to worship God. New music is being written. Our CD’s and downloads are desirable. Nfluence Church hosts the main, Nfluence Worship Band. The band plays out regularly for shows, and does workshops and trainings with other churches, as it crosses over to the “Church Resourcing” arm of the Nfluence Network.

• Nfluence Church is receptive, welcoming, and innovative towards area businesses and business leaders. The community comes to us for ideas and training. We’re savvy and smart in how we conduct our business.

• We have a financial surplus. Our savings abounds. We live below our means and maintain and appropriate balance of income vs. expenses. We own our own property.

• Nfluence Church has a fun & safe kid’s ministry. It’s the kind of place that kids walk into and feel excited to be at and enjoy learning and growing. Many kids have “play areas” accessible to them already, so Nfluence Church will be a place where kids can not only meet friends and laugh, but a place where kids can enjoy knowing God. Our kids will learn God’s word and know who He is.

• Our youth ministry is hip, modern, and lively. It’s a safe place for kids to come. It’s relevant to where kids are at and what they’re dealing with culturally and relationally speaking. Nfluence Church is actively reaching out to new students and is a place where students want to invite their friends. The youth worship band is rocking out each week. Kids enjoy the music, because it speaks their language.

• Nfluence Church has a thriving Life Group/Small Group Ministry. It is in these groups where much of the pastoring happens. People are able to enjoy time with others, discuss the Word, grow in their knowledge of God, and develop real relationships. Our groups become a tightly connected thread that holds the church together. There are many groups to belong to.

• Sunday morning teaching at Nfluence Church is powerful, practical, and relevant to believers and unbelievers alike. There is depth in the teaching, but never to the point where it loses its relevancy. Deeper teaching times might be available for things like Wednesday nights, etc.

• Nfluence Churches are campuses of The Nfluence Network, our parent faith-based non-profit. They’re in tune with the happenings of other Nfluence churches around the world and excited about the messages going forth.

• Other churches want to meet with us to see what we are doing and to glean insight from us.


• The Nfluence Network will be a ministry recognized around the globe for its resources regarding the message of the Gospel (revealed through the finished work of the cross), including sound biblical teaching (that reveals the message of grace). The Nfluence Network will produce regular podcasts, videos, audio teachings, music, and other media for the purpose of building people up in their knowledge of God and who they are in Christ.

• The Nfluence Network will be a prominent leader in church planting and the multiplication of the gospel in the USA and throughout the world, with the end goal being to make disciples. We will plant a grace-oriented church in every country (194) of the world and in all 50 states.

• The Nfluence Network staff will be a dynamic group of individuals, fully equipped and competent in the message of the Gospel, friendly, and passionate about helping others grow and develop. Because of our staff culture and exciting work environment, many people will seek to be part of the team here.

• The Nfluence Network Staff will be made up of people of unique giftings and backgrounds all working together to accomplish the mission and purpose of our organization.

• The Nfluence Network Board will be a diverse and well-rounded team, passionate and fully convinced of their work of overseeing, protecting, and ensuring that the vision of The Nfluence Network is fulfilled. They will be good listeners, innovative thinkers, generous with their time and money, and passionate about the gospel. This board will be an attractive team to be on and many will desire to be a part of it.

• The Nfluence Network will lead the way in utilizing new media and technology in order to further the gospel and fulfill our mission. We will do so without losing our priority on real relationships and personal interaction. Technology shall be used as a tool for reaching more people, not as a replacement for personal ministry.

• The Nfluence Network Worship Ministry will be a recognized group, known for their passion for Christ and the freedom and grace that they share in both music and testimony. This team shall be made up of excellent musicians with a heart for the gospel and for the world. Teams shall be sent out on a regular basis to minister at churches, conferences, events, and crusades around the world. They will produce regular music, videos, and other resources to equip the local church with the message of grace.

• The Nfluence Network church plants will be successful, modern, spirit-filled, real and relevant churches, that are sold out to the message of the gospel of grace and the goodness of God. As part of the Network they will commit a portion of their contributions to the funding of the Network for the purpose of expanding the Gospel.

• The Nfluence Network will develop an extensive partner base that is fully able to rise up to meet the needs of the ministry. Additionally, The Nfluence Network shall be wise with its money, investing well, and thinking creatively and innovatively about growth and development.

• The Nfluence Network shall be not only accessible to our pastors, leaders, and other staff, but intentional, making regular contact with them to ensure healthy and well-developed relationships. We will be known for the health of our staff and pastors.

• The Nfluence Network will be built upon real relationships, operating together more as a family, than a business. We will take the best of associations and denominations, but will exist as a unique example of togetherness without “command & control.”

• The Nfluence Network will build healthy relationships with local church pastors throughout the world. These relationships will be based upon unity, heart beliefs, and the person of Jesus Christ. In all cases, but especially in developing nations, our assistance will be in ways that will build mature disciples relying on God, and not man to meet their needs. We are not, and will never be, simply a funding source. Our desire is to come alongside people who display faith, innovation, and trust in God. Desperation, begging, or manipulation shall never be our motivations for giving or for providing assistance.

• The Nfluence Network will maintain a well-staffed operational facility/building. This property will be aesthetically pleasing, modern, and suited to meet our needs for a headquarters.

• The Nfluence Network will develop teaching curriculum and resources for pastoral training and continued education, in addition to resources for youth ministries, small groups, and children’s ministries. All such resources will be focused on the person of Jesus and the finished work of the cross.

• The Nfluence Network will have our own ministry training schools, designed to equip people with the message and to send them out to further the Gospel. These may be in the form of short-term classes designed to supplement the local church, or as a full college setting with onsite housing. This will depend upon the location and needs and staff available. (This could also take place as a media resource that is viewable at virtually any location for ease of training at local churches.)


11870 Adams Road
Granger, IN 46530
Service Times: Sunday at 11am

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