There’s a Place for You.

At Nfluence we give you lots of ways to get involved that fit you’re style, your season in life, and whatever spiritual journey you find yourself on.

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From monthly breakfast and bible studies, to classes to help understand what God’s grace is really all about, to movie nights with the clan, Nfluence has a group for you. We’re passionate about real relationships, which means you can come as you, be who you want to be, but always get challenged to live your best life. At Nfluence we want to help you find what we’ve all experienced since we got the grace message – a church to finally call home.

A basic introduction to the ministry of Nfluence.

For believers who feel empowered to move to the next level.

Take on a leadership role within Nfluence Church.

Become an expert at grace-based leadership as you com­plete the highest level of training available.

Do You Want a Group That’s Personalized to Meet Your Needs?

  • You’ll always be free to pick the commitment level that’s right for you.
  • You’ll never have to share too much or feel overly exposed.
  • You’ll always be challenged to adopt a biblical worldview, but given the space to develop a relationship with God on your own terms.

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(574) 247-9800
14719 IN-23
Granger, IN, 46530
Service Times: Sundays at 10:00a (EST).


(574) 247-9800
14719 IN-23
Granger, IN 46530
Daycare Hours: M-F 7a - 5:30p
Office Hours: M-F 7a - 5:30p

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